single axle drop table

Single Axle Drop Tables Increase Throughput and Safety in Your Maintenance Shop

Whiting understands the demands of modern railcar maintenance shops. Built to the highest quality standards, drop tables continue to run in the harshest conditions.

With flexible design options and an experienced engineering team, Whiting designs each Single Axle Drop Table to meet the unique application requirements of your facility with a focus on long-term reliability and ease of maintenance.

Single Axle Drop Tables are assembled and load tested before delivery to make sure all performance specifications are met. This reduces potential complications during installation and shortens the time needed to complete start-up.

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Technical Specifications

Hoisting Capacity

Up to 60 Tons

Hoisting Speed

Dual Speed for Quick and Accurate Hoisting – 2 Feet Per Minute (Slow) and 5.4 Feet Per Minute (Fast)

Traversing Speed

Up to 27 Feet Per Minute

Hoisting & Traversing Motors

Standard 460 Volt/3 Phase/60 HZ VFD Motors with Motor-Mounted Brakes


PLC-Based Control System with Interlock Maximizes Operator Safety

Quality Procedures

Welded to AWS D1.1 Standard with Section 6.1 Inspection. Whiting Monitors All Work and Materials Under an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System

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Optional Equipment For Single Axle Drop Tables

Bascule & Canopy Release Tops

Equipment installations can include a release track top, which can be designed as a lift-off or bascule-type door.

Traction Motor Dolly

The Traction Motor Dolly provides a controlled method to safely position and support traction motors during the removal and replacement of individual wheel sets.


Why Whiting Single Axle Drop Tables?

Whiting Drop Table Lasts 66 Years and continued working after Hurricane Katrina

A veteran railway lift table so tough it survived the Hurricane Katrina floods in New Orleans to be dried out and returned to use was finally retired after 66 years of service and replaced by the latest version of the same heavy duty table from the same lifting equipment manufacturer, Whiting Corporation.

The original 60-ton four-screw lift table in the Amtrak New Orleans Maintenance Facility entered service in 1949, and was already a seasoned veteran by the time of the official formation of the Amtrak in 1971. It went on to provide decades more of dependable service for Amtrak until the table was submerged for two weeks when the maintenance facility, along with much of New Orleans, was struck by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

It speaks volumes for the durability of the product and the robust manufacturing of its mechanical and electrical components that only required minimal work to bring the Drop Table back online after being submerged for two weeks. Before being placed back into service, the four lifting screws were regreased and the motors were rewound. After that, it was placed back into the pit and ran for another 10 years.

Old Whiting Drop Table from 1949
New Whiting Drop Table in Use.