Hydraulic RIP (Repair In Place) In-Floor Jacks

hydraulic one point lift

Optimize the efficiency of railcar lifting applications at your repair facility with Whiting’s Hydraulic RIP/One-Spot Lifting System. Our hydraulic jacks are engineered with precision, equipped with ratchet-type safety devices and standard hydraulic safeties for enhanced safety and reliability. Explore the advantages of our hydraulic in-floor jacks that promise faster throughput, increased car utilization, and streamlined end-of-car operations.

Key Features of Whiting’s Hydraulic RIP/One-Spot Lifting System:

Efficient Engineering: The Hydraulic RIP/One-Spot Lifting System is meticulously engineered to maximize lifting application efficiency at your repair facility. Benefit from precision-designed hydraulic jacks that ensure smooth and reliable lifting operations.

Enhanced Safety Measures: Our hydraulic jacks are equipped with ratchet-type safety devices, adding an extra layer of safety to the standard hydraulic safeguards. Prioritize the well-being of your personnel and the integrity of the railcar during repair operations.

Simultaneous Lifting Capability: Install side jacks for lifting both ends of the railcar simultaneously, resulting in faster throughput. This innovative feature accelerates end-of-car operations, such as changing out draft gear, completing tasks in a shorter time period.

Hydraulic In-Floor Jack Installations:

75-ton Outside Jacks: Lift railcars, bolster, and side frames for repacking, removal of the truck, and repair of undercar members. These jacks facilitate efficient end-of-car operations, contributing to increased car utilization.

150-ton Center Jack: Specifically designed for special railcars, the center jack allows for lifting under the center sill. This is essential for handling railcars that cannot be lifted with outside jacks, enabling the removal of roller bearings, axles, and wheel assemblies for tasks like repacking and spring replacement.

Operator Control Console: Empower operators with control from a safe distance. The Operator Control Console ensures that the operator does not need to be close to the freight car during repair operations, providing both convenience and safety.

Experience Streamlined Railcar Repairs: Whiting’s Hydraulic RIP/One-Spot Lifting System redefines railcar repair efficiency with its innovative features and precision engineering. Elevate your repair operations with simultaneous lifting, enhanced safety, and the ability to handle diverse railcar types. Trust Whiting for hydraulic rip jacks, hydraulic jacks, and hydraulic in-floor jacks that deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Optimize your repair facility today for a more streamlined and efficient railcar maintenance experience.

Example of a RIP Jack System

Hydraulic RIP Jacks