Hydraulic RIP (Repair In Place) In-Floor Jacks

hydraulic one point lift

The Whiting Hydraulic RIP/One-Spot Lifting System can be engineered and arranged to maximize the efficiency of the lifting application at your repair facility. The hydraulic jacks are equipped with ratchet-type safety devices in addition to standard hydraulic safeties.

Installation can provide side jacks for lifting both ends of the railcar simultaneously resulting in faster throughput. The use of this equipment also leads to increased car utilization as the workflow in end of car operations, such as changing out draft gear, is now completed in a shorter time period.

Hydraulic In-Floor Jack Installations Include:

75-ton Outside Jacks at each side for lifting railcar, bolster, and side frame for repacking, removal of the truck, and repair of under car members.

150-ton Center Jack for jacking under the center sill of special railcars, which cannot be handled with outside jacks. This allows roller bearing, axle, and wheel assemblies to be removed, permitting repacking, spring replacement, etc.

Operator Control Console so the operator does not need to be close to the freight car during the repair operation.


Example of a RIP Jack System

Hydraulic RIP Jacks