Whiting Turntables

Elevate the Efficiency of Your Railcar Maintenance Operations with Whiting Custom-Engineered Turntables

Whiting takes pride in delivering turnkey solutions for railcar maintenance, offering custom-engineered and meticulously manufactured turntables tailored to various applications. Our turntables, available in different sizes, are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of both transit and freight maintenance shops, providing unparalleled ruggedness and balance.


Motorized turntable for Class 1 freight use.

What sets Whiting Turntables apart is their exceptional reliability and safety, requiring minimal routine maintenance. Known for their longevity, our turntables are crafted to withstand heavy-duty use over the long term. Whether manual or motorized, our turntables can rotate a single truck in precise 90° increments, catering to diverse operational needs.

Our Locomotive Turntables, motorized and equipped with a remote operator station, significantly reduce the need for extended track turnabouts, ensuring safe and efficient operation. Whiting Turntables employ both center bearing and caster designs, offering flexibility to suit your specific application requirements.

In modern railcar maintenance facilities, our innovative truck turntables are strategically positioned on each car hoist service track. This forward-thinking arrangement enables selective truck changeouts, allowing for the seamless use of any truck within the shop, regardless of its position. Whiting turntables continue to prove their resilience, delivering robust performance in both freight and metro service contexts.

Whiting engineers invest time in understanding your unique turntable application. With a keen focus on the working environment and careful consideration of various factors, we design our equipment for easy maintainability, maximizing equipment uptime and reducing operational disruptions.

To further streamline the process, our turntables are assembled and rigorously tested in our factory before installation on site, minimizing installation time and costs. Backed by a full team of experienced rail service technicians and a comprehensive parts and engineering department, Whiting is committed to standing behind our products and supporting our clients throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment.

To ensure minimal unscheduled downtime, we recommend contacting our Rail Service Group to schedule your next inspection. Explore the possibilities of modernizing and rebuilding older equipment with Whiting, extending its lifespan and optimizing its performance. Trust Whiting for unparalleled expertise, reliability, and support in railcar maintenance solutions.