Whiting Turntables

Whiting Turntables are custom-engineered and manufactured in different sizes based upon the application. Whiting Turntables are extremely rugged, well-balanced, and are suitable for the heavy demands of transit and freight maintenance shops.


Motorized turntable for Class 1 freight use.

With minimal routine maintenance needed, Whiting Turntables are known for their long-term reliability and safety. Turntables are available to rotate a single truck in 90° increments and can be either manual or motorized in their operation.
Locomotive Turntables reduce the need for extended track turnabouts, and are motorized with a remote operator station for safe and easy use. Whiting Turntables utilize both center bearing and caster designs depending on your application.
Recently designed railcar maintenance shops utilize a truck turntable on each car hoist service track. This arrangement allows the selective change out and use of any truck, regardless of its position within the shop. Whiting turntables are extremely rugged, well balanced, and are suitable for both freight and metro service.

Whiting engineers spend the time asking the right questions to understand your unique turntable application. With thoughtful consideration to many factors of the working environment, Whiting designs the equipment with a focus on easy maintainability to maximize equipment up time.

To reduce installation time and costs, turntables are assembled and tested in our factory before installing on site. With a full team of rail service technicians, and a full-service parts and engineering department, Whiting stands behind our product and is here for our clients over the lifetime of the equipment.

To ensure minimal unscheduled downtime, we suggest contacting our Rail Service Group to schedule your next inspection, or talk with us about modernizing and rebuilding older equipment to make it last even longer.