Whiting Single-Truck Turntables utilize a center mounted rotek-type bearing for their reliability and ease of use.

Whiting turntables are extremely rugged, well-balanced, and are suitable for the heavy demands of transit and freight maintenance shops.

Using the telescopic handle, the manual turntable is easy to rotate, and with the rails aligned, the handle locks into place and collapses out of sight.

Single-truck turntables are able to rotate the truck in 90 degree increments making it critical for moving trucks between the car service track and truck repair hoists in modern maintenance shops.

Whiting can custom-engineer a manual or motorized turntable in any configuration, size or capacity to suit your exact specifications.

With minimal routine maintenance needed, Whiting turntables are known for their long term reliability and safety in maintenance shops across North America.

Whiting Corporation Elevates American Transit. 


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