Car Hoist Systems – Safe Lifting of Multiple Transit Cars

car hoistsWhiting car hoist systems are your safe solution when repairing the railcar underbody and/or side components. Only Whiting car hoists utilize a patented safety design to raise and lower railcars that reduce the possibility of incidents caused by sudden dropping of the elevated car.

Car hoists raise the entire transit car to a convenient height for worker access to underbody and side components. Utilizing a time-tested mechanical screw and nut design, two or four screw designs are standard in capacity ranges up to 50 tons. Cars can be raised individually, articulated, or in married pairs with hoists positioned under each truck location.

Depending on your site needs, Whiting car hoists can be custom engineered for deep or shallow pit configurations. An important feature of the electromechanical screw and nut design requires motor power to the car hoists to both raise and lower, thus minimizing the possibility of inadvertent lowering of the hoist with personnel near the car.

Body Hoists and Supports

Integral to the Car Hoist System are body hoists and supports. This screw-driven equipment utilizes lifting pads that contact the transit car at jacking points. Once a car is in position, the body hoists and supports are elevated into contact with the jacking pads on the car.

The hoists and supports can be used in conjunction with the car hoists to provide body and truck separation, or for elevating the bodies to convenient heights for under car inspection and repair. Standard capacities range from 5 to 20 tons.

Examples of Whiting Car Hoist Systems

Installation / repair services and OEM replacement parts are also available from Whiting. Contact us today for more info or a quote!