201259ind_freight_commuter_rail_thumb Freight & Commuter Rail
Whiting manufactures equipment for railroad lifting uses including: locomotive, car and body hoists; overhead cranes for sanding and maintenance shop applications, transfer tables, turntables, portable electric jacks, drop tables and car progression systems.
transit_landing_thumb Transit
Whiting is a leader in manufacturing dependable lifting equipment for the rail transit industry. The company offers car hoists, body hoists and body supports, truck repair hoists, turntables, portable electric jacks and car progression systems for maintaining transit cars.
nuclear2 Nuclear Power
Three out of four of the current power generating units use at least one Whiting crane.
auto Automotive
Engineered solutions offering custom planning, engineering, installation and maintenance solutions.
steel3 Steel Mills
Meeting the strict ruggedness, reliability and maintainability associated with Whiting Cranes.
metal2 Metal Service Centers
Keeping operating cost down, while maintaining full capacity operations for extended periods.
founthumb Foundries
An industry leader in Hot Metal, Scrap, Furnace, Ingot, Re-bar and Billets applications.
refuse2 Refuse
Designed and manufactured for corrosive and abrasive Ash and Solid Waste environments.
hydro Hydro-Electric Plants
Providing uninterrupted service for Gate Handling and Turbine Room applications.
fossil1 Fossil Fuel Plants
Offering high load ratings over 200 tons, long spans over 100ft and high lift over 80ft.
paper2 Paper Mills
Great handling precision for both small and large loads in Reel Handling and Wet & Dry End.