Hydraulically-powered jacks travel parallel and perpendicular to the rail up to 30 feet

Hydraulic Traversing JackWhiting’s Traversing Jack system allows for the lifting of any mix of railcar lengths and widths. The hydraulic railroad jacks travel parallel and perpendicular to the rail up to 30 feet, making it ideal for repair shops handling various lengths of railcars.

The Traversing Jacks allow the flexibility you need while providing dependable load-lifting capacity at any point within the lifting range. This system allows the user to lift cars with non-standard jack pads or low under-car clearance.

These railroad jacks, with their smooth and controlled lifting mechanism, ensure precise positioning of heavy loads. This not only safeguards workers but also reduces the risk of equipment damage. With their impressive weight-bearing capabilities, hydraulic railroad jacks can easily handle the heaviest railway equipment, making them the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications. 

From lifting railway cars for maintenance and repair to supporting heavy machinery during construction and assisting in track alignment and leveling, hydraulic railroad jacks are versatile tools that enhance operational efficiency and ensure worker safety. 

Exceptional Features of Our Hydraulic Railroad Jacks

At Whiting Corporation, our railroad jacks are engineered for ease of use and efficiency, meeting the needs of a wide range of industries. The Traversing Jack System is designed with adaptability in mind, while its robust construction and powerful hydraulic systems to provide efficient, reliable lifting solutions for railroad maintenance and repair operations.

Our hydraulic railroad jacks are equipped with robust load capacity to handle heavy-duty tasks efficiently. Safety is our priority, so our railroad jacks come with built-in overload protection and safety valves to protect both operators and equipment. We also focus on portability, offering compact designs and ergonomic handles for easy transportation and usage across different job sites.

Our hydraulic railroad jacks, also referred to as railcar jacks, stand out for their superior quality and durability, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

Our expert team is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns, ensuring that you make the right choice. When you choose our Traversing Jack System, you’re choosing a product that combines top-tier quality, reliable performance, and outstanding customer support.

When paired with Whiting’s Hydraulic Jack PLC, the combination provides an even greater degree of safety and reliability to protect your people and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our traversing railcar jacks.