Locomotive Pilot Plate Straightener

The Locomotive Pilot Plate Straightener is a robust and efficient solution designed to address issues with the pilot plate on locomotives. Utilizing a self-contained hydraulic ram system, this machine is capable of applying up to 135 tons of force to safely reposition and repair the pilot plate. What sets this straightener apart is its ability to achieve these repairs quickly and efficiently without the need to cut or remove any part of the plate, saving valuable time and resources.

Key features of the Locomotive Pilot Plate Straightener include:

  • Chain Hoists for Safe Material Handling: The machine comes equipped with chain hoists that facilitate safe and secure handling of materials. This feature ensures not only the effectiveness of the repairs but also the safety of the operators and surrounding personnel during the repositioning process.
  • Hard-Wired Pendant Station for Controls: The inclusion of a hard-wired pendant station provides a convenient and user-friendly interface for controlling the straightening process. Operators can easily maneuver and control the machine with precision, enhancing the overall efficiency of the repair operation.
  • Outdoor Durability: The straightener is specifically designed to withstand outdoor applications. This means it is built with materials and components that can endure various weather conditions, making it a reliable solution for locomotive maintenance in diverse environments.
  • 480 / 120 VAC Control Panel: The machine features a versatile control panel that operates on both 480V and 120V alternating current. This adaptability ensures compatibility with different electrical systems, offering flexibility in deployment.
  • 12” Bore Cylinder: The 12-inch bore cylinder provides the necessary power to exert the required force for effective pilot plate straightening. This component is a critical part of the hydraulic system, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of the machine.
  • 170-Ton Rating: With a substantial 170-ton rating, this straightener is well-suited for heavy-duty applications. The high tonnage capacity ensures that it can handle locomotives with varying sizes and weights, making it a versatile tool for the rail industry.
  • Coupler Weldment: The inclusion of a coupler weldment further enhances the machine’s capability to address locomotive-related issues. This component plays a crucial role in ensuring a secure and durable connection during the straightening process.
  • Electric Hoist Package and Electric/Lighting Package: These packages add convenience and functionality to the machine. The electric hoist package facilitates efficient lifting and positioning of materials, while the electric/lighting package ensures visibility and illumination in the working area.
  • 20 HP Power Unit: The 20 HP power unit provides the necessary horsepower to drive the hydraulic system, enabling the straightener to deliver the required force consistently and effectively.

Hydraulic Pilot Plate Straightener