Railcar Pullers

Whiting offers a diverse range of car-handling systems designed to streamline railcar movement within industrial settings. These systems involve the utilization of remotely-controlled railcar movers, commonly referred to as “rabbits,” which play a crucial role in efficiently transporting railcars through different phases of the operational process.

One of the prominent configurations provided by Whiting is the Double Puller System, which incorporates both inbound and outbound railcar pullers and rabbits. The inbound rabbit facilitates the precise indexing of railcars into a designated area near the inbound shop door. Subsequently, the outbound car puller takes over, precisely indexing the railcar to the repair area and efficiently discharging it back into the yard. This system is characterized by its effectiveness in managing the flow of railcars through the repair shop.

Alternatively, Whiting offers the Single Puller System, featuring a single rabbit and puller combination. In this setup, the single rabbit is responsible for both moving railcars into the shop and discharging them upon completion of the repair process. This configuration is suitable for applications where a simplified yet effective handling system is preferred.

The mechanical rabbit, a critical component of these systems, comprises a car puller unit equipped with an electric motor, fluid coupling, magnetic brake, and rotary cam limit switches. The rabbit’s movement is facilitated by a closed cable system, where a wire rope is wound on a drum driven by the motor. The inclusion of counterweight towers and other accessories enhances the overall efficiency and stability of the system.

Whiting offers a variety of electric railcar pullers in different sizes, providing options with single, two, or variable-speed drives. Standard features of these pullers include single drum units with magnetic brakes and rotary cam limit switches. The versatility of these components allows for customization based on specific operational requirements.

For hydraulically-powered rabbits, the active stroke is facilitated by a robust conveyor chain, ensuring smooth forward movement. The return to the home position is managed by a flexible wire rope, completing the cycle of the railcar handling process.

In summary, Whiting’s car-handling systems present a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing railcar movement within industrial facilities. Whether employing the Double Puller System or the Single Puller System, the integration of mechanical rabbits and associated components ensures a seamless and controlled flow of railcars through various stages of maintenance and storage.