MJ Portable Electric Jack

Sliding Lifting Beam for Uncommon Lift Points

Whiting’s MJ Jack is engineered to lift railcars and locomotives with uncommon lifting pad locations. The unique design utilizes a lifting beam that easily slides into place with a simple handwheel. These Buy America Compliant portable jacks are built to Whiting’s strict quality standards with a focus on long-time reliability and minimal required maintenance.

Lifting Beam

MJ Jack’s Sliding Lifting Beam

MJ Portable Electric Jack Lifts Engine


Jack Capacity: To 40 Tons
Effective Lift: Up To 96”
Lifting Beam: Extends Up To 12”


  • Sliding lifting beam extends via handwheel up to 12” to access lifting pads with integrated contact sensors that communicate with PLC
  • 512 PPR encoder detects the height of the lifting bracket and rotation of the screw while keeping the lifting brackets within the ± ¼” synchronization tolerance
  • Steel alloy jack screws and bronze alloy jack nuts are designed with self-locking characteristics
  • Steel follower nut included for added safety
  • Electronic nut wear sensor monitors the wear of the bronze nut and prevents the jack from lifting when nut is worn beyond tolerance
  • Automated screw lubrication system minimizes required maintenance while extending screw life
  • Welded structural steel frame and lifting bracket provide a strong and reliable backbone for lifting
  • Steel guide rollers on lifting bracket ensure a consistent lift, and are protected inside the lifting column
  • Standard upper and lower limit switches
  • Traversing motor moves jacks parallel to train while on embedded rails
  • For ease of movement, convenient lifting eyes and forklift vent holes are available to move jack around shop
  • LCD screen with keypad displays faults, provides diagnostics, and current lift height of each jack

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Portable Electric Jack for railcar maintenance and lifting equipment