MX Light Capacity Portable Electric Jack

Rugged and Reliable Portable Jack for Transit Railroads

With a focus on long-term reliable operation and minimal required maintenance, the MX Jack is Whiting’s latest lifting innovation. It is the optimal solution for transit rail maintenance facilities and railcar builders in need of light capacity lifting equipment. Built to Whiting’s strict quality standards, these Buy America Compliant portable jacks offer a robust design at an affordable price.


Jack Capacity: 10-20 tons
Standard Effective Lift: 71”
Minimum Bracket Height: 131/4”


  • 512 PPR encoder detects the height of the lifting bracket and rotation of the screw while keeping the lifting brackets within a synchronization tolerance of less than ¼”
  • Steel alloy jack screws and bronze alloy jack nuts are designed with self-locking characteristics
  • Steel follower nut included for added safety
  • Electronic nut wear sensor monitors the wear of the bronze nut and prevents the jack from lifting when nut is worn beyond acceptable tolerances
  • Optional automated screw lubrication system minimizes required maintenance while extending screw life
  • Welded structural steel frame and lifting bracket provide a strong and reliable backbone
  • Steel guide rollers on the lifting bracket ensure a consistent lift, and are protected inside the lifting column
  • Standard upper and lower limit switches
  • LCD display with keypad identifies faults, provides diagnostics, and current lift height of each jack
  • Hydraulic steering system, lifting eyes, and forklift vent holes are provided to easily move jack around your shop

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