Worthington Industries, Inc., a steel processing facility, was experiencing issues with the wheels on their cranes, so they reached out to Whiting Services, Inc. (WSI) to perform a runway rail survey and analysis. The company had previously replaced the bridge wheels on their crane along with completing repairs to the runway.

Using our patented TrackRunner™ Robot, WSI conducted a rail survey and determined the cause of the failure. The rail installation type was runway girders with a j bolted channel cap. WSI identified that the runway rail channel caps bolts were loose and even missing in areas. In addition, the rail splices were loose, both allowing the girders to move laterally out of CMAA tolerances. This rail movement had led to premature wear of the bridge wheels.

To provide additional data, WSI installed our Skew-Flection Device on the loaded crane and checked the north rail for movement and deflection of the girders. The data collected identified specific areas of deflection and movement out of tolerance.

Whiting Services shared the findings with Worthington in a detailed report clearly illustrating the data and failure points. The report also included recommendations detailing how to correct the issues and prevent the wheel wear, giving Worthington years of safe crane operation.

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