Expert Local Overhead Crane Service

Specializing in lifting equipment and other material handling applications, Whiting Services provides world-class service on all brands of overhead cranes and hoists with our optimized maintenance management system.

Our CMAA Spec 78 certified crane service technicians will assist you in a variety of industries via our ongoing commitment to improve safety, productivity, and your return on investment.

With a branch conveniently located in Phoenix, our technicians are able to quickly respond to breakdowns and other service needs.

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Overhead Crane Services Offered:


Qualified technicians methodically inspect your material handling equipment and provide a detailed visual report with prioritized deficiencies.


Repairing and replacing malfunctioning equipment in a timely manner is one way we help minimize your costly downtime.

Overhead Crane Training

Using the cranes at your facility, we offer extensive hoist and crane training based on OSHA standards and laws.

Modernizations and Component Rebuilds

Updating controls, drives, motors, or operator cabs with the latest technology increases the safety, reliability, and performance of your crane while lowering overall operating costs.

Our rebuild program extends the useful life of your current lifting equipment at 50-60% of the replacement cost of new.

As the Overhead Lifting Equipment Experts, We Are Here To Help! 

Installation + Commission
We have the expertise to install equipment around your schedule and in complex situations like hazardous environments.

Parts + Installation Services
Technicians will install new components from our complete line of Whiting OEM parts or other manufactures’ parts.

Proactive Crane Maintenance System (PCMS)
An optimized PCMS based on the crane’s age and critical use will extend its useful life and lower unexpected downtime.

New Lifting Equipment
Our team will help you select the best lifting solution between a variety of cost-effective hoists, small overhead cranes, jibs, and other overhead material handling equipment from leading manufacturers.