Whiting has set industry standards in design and engineering, with a legacy of dependable overhead lifting solutions for its customers. We can provide CMAA Class A – F cranes for any production and lifting needs you may have. Whiting’s unique industry relationships allow us to provide the best solutions for our customer’s needs. We provide cranes and hoists for all applications and industries.

Whiting Services can provide:
Single Girder Under Running and Top Running Cranes
Double Girder Under Running and Top Running Cranes
Gantry Cranes and Semi Gantry Cranes
Jib Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Bridge Cranes
Workstation, Channel track type Cranes
Patented Track Monorail Hoist and Bridge Cranes
Mono-Rail, Underhung or Top Running Hoist (Wire Rope or Chain)