With national coverage and technicians qualified under CMAA Spec 78, Whiting Services stands prepared to repair your overhead crane. Whether you are scheduling the repair, or need emergency repairs, Whiting Services is here for you. Your equipment repair needs can be categorized as either a planned event, or as an emergency situation. WSI is here to help either way.

Planned Overhead Crane Repair

With our proactive CHIP maintenance program, we first inspect your equipment and document the findings. Repairs are then coordinated around your production schedule to minimize costly downtime. Our professional technicians have the capabilities to repair, replace, adjust or correct your equipment deficiencies. Being able to repair or replace components on your schedule saves the costs and hassle of repairing your crane during an emergency service call.

Whiting can service and provide parts for ALL brands of cranes, hoist and rail equipment. Being an OEM of this type of equipment affords us a unique advantage to either replace with like components or to reverse engineer a replacement part.

Customized Maintenance Program

Often times, there is equipment within a facility that is used much more than others. When this is the case, this equipment requires more attention. For example, the maintenance needs of a process crane in your main production area are much higher than a jib crane in the maintenance shop. Consideration should always be given to the frequency of the program on a crane by crane basis, and not with a “one size fits all” approach.

An optimized maintenance program that is focused on meeting only the minimum requirements is probably not the best solution for maximizing the life of your equipment. If maximizing the life of your equipment is important to you, the cost of a professional inspection program, catered exactly to your specific needs, will be a very worthwhile return on your investment.

Emergency Equipment Repairs – Available 24/7/365

While unexpected equipment failures are minimized with our proactive CHIP inspection program and planned repairs, they can not be eliminated. If they do occur, Whiting Services will be there to get your equipment back online asap.

Whiting Services understands that unexpected downtime for your overhead crane carries a heavy price because of lost production, squandered man hours, and potentially missed deadlines.

Time means money when you experience a breakdown; so waiting until the next business day is not an option. With technicians strategically located around the country, Whiting Services can rapidly respond 24/7 to help resolve unexpected maintenance problems.

Qualified and experienced technicians will arrive and quickly diagnose the problem. Our priority is then to find the best solution to get your crane back into production, and then to ensure the problem is fixed completely.

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