Whiting Services provides nationwide installations for the products we manufacture as well as other manufacturers’ material handling products. We have the expertise to install equipment around your schedule and in complex situations like hazardous environments.

With a professional team of services technicians that will expertly lift and rig your new equipment in place, Whiting Services has the critical mass to mobilize a team to safely install your crane on schedule.

Work Around Your Schedule

Whiting Services understands the cost of downtime when installing new equipment. We will work with your team to find creative solutions to work around your production schedule. Whether that means working overnight or on holidays, we will install and commission your equipment in ways that minimize the impact to your production schedule.

Full Turnkey Services

You can count on Whiting Services to provide complete turnkey services for new crane installation. This can include decommissioning and removing the old crane, repairing the runway and associated electrical systems, and installing and starting-up the new crane with training for crane operators. Talk with a Whiting Service representative to see how we can make your new crane installation a painless experience.

We Prioritize Safety

At Whiting Services, safety is more than just a “program.” It is a culture that is rooted in the core values of the company, and an expectation of every service technician when they step on a job site. Whiting technicians prioritize safety through every facet of the job.

Our service technicians are trained to follow OSHA health and safety requirements and are outfitted with the proper personal protective equipment. From the pre-shift inspections and safety briefings that identify potential hazards through completing the installation in a safe and timely manner, Whiting Service technicians take pride in their safety record.


With nationwide coverage and CMAA Spec 78 qualified technicians, Whiting Services stands ready to help you install and commission your next overhead crane or other material handling equipment.

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Installation & Commissioning