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Whiting Parts Stands Ready to Have Your Parts

Where You Need Them

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and at Competitive Prices.

Why Choose To Work With Whiting Parts?

  • Whiting’s full-service Part Department is ready to work with you to find the best and most cost-effective solution to your parts needs.
  • On-staff engineers provide expert technical support in case of questions.
  • We work with you and our shipping department to ensure your parts arrive when you need them.
  • Replacement Parts installation is available from our sister company, Whiting Services.

Why Is Using OEM Parts Critical To Your Equipment?

By choosing to purchase OEM parts from Whiting Corporation, you are assured of the proper mating of replacement parts and components that maintain the integrity of the repair and the overhead crane itself.

Whiting Corporation assures the replacement parts are manufactured according to the original part drawing with the same high-quality materials. All replacement parts include any available enhancements and improvements; so you receive the most modern version of your requested OEM part.

Use of non-OEM parts can affect the performance and structural integrity of the crane, and could lead to crane malfunctions and failures according to CMAA Spec 78.

Whiting Parts Guarantee To You

  • All OEM parts will fit your original Whiting equipment.
  • All Whiting OEM replacement parts are manufactured according to the original part drawing, and we use the same high-quality material as were used in the manufacture of the original part.
  • All Whiting replacement parts include any available enhancements/improvements made so you can be sure you receive the most current parts.