Whiting Tiger Cranes

The Standard for Heavy-Duty Overhead Cranes 

Heavy-duty Whiting Tiger Trolley

Whiting looks at each crane based on the customer application requirements. We don’t use the “kit cranetype” of design and manufacturing philosophy for our heavy-duty, high-performance products.

Our designs and quality of manufacturing reflect our years of experience in providing material handling solutions for mission-critical process applications that reduce the total cost of ownership of your crane.

Why Choose Whiting?

Whiting’s Main Manufacturing Facility Near Chicago

Every Whiting overhead crane starts with listening. Our sales personnel and application engineers partner with our clients to design and build a custom crane that maximizes performance, maintainability, reliability, and ROI.

Whiting’s expertise is known throughout the material handling industry. Whiting engineers sit on Crane Manufacturers Associaton of America (CMAA) committees dedicated to the structural, mechanical, and electrical designs and standards. Whiting is one of a very small group of companies that produce and service overhead cranes for nuclear power generating facilities. We sit on the Nuclear Overhead and Gantry Cranes (NOG-1) committee which creates the standards for crane design and use at nuclear facilities.

Whiting also offers complete single source responsibility for all crane components from design through manufacturing, installation, and lifetime support through our sister company, Whiting Services.

Trolley Designs

  • Customized design based on application and performance requirements
  • Optimized wheel loads for better balance and equalized loading
  • Access to major components/service points designed for ease of maintenance and safety
  • Mechanical components designed with predictive wear patterns to allow for scheduled maintenance
  • Designed to be strong where it needs to be strong; flexible where it needs to flex to better control stress flow through the structure

Bridge Designs

  • Provided with center mounted rails to equally distribute load transfer to the webs
  • Manufactured as a matched pair, end trucks and girders provide efficient direct load transfer
  • Utilizes 45-degree wheel bearing housings for ease of maintenance
  • Minimum NEMA 12 electrical enclosures with neatly wired and labeled terminal blocks
  • Standard panel lighting with convenience outlets
  • Design follows NEC and OSHA guidelines for ease of maintenance and safety
  • Tie-off points on walkways and platforms designed for ease of inspection and maintenance