Gantry Gantrycranes are built for applications where overhead crane runways are not possible or exceptionally difficult. With a focus on strength and reliability, Whiting’s gantry cranes are designed as either a semi-gantry(single track at ground level and single track at upper runway) or full gantry (both tracks at ground level) overhead crane with options to pass through the legs with cantilevered sections.

Semi-gantry cranes are useful for when you need an overhead crane that does not completely cover your facility. Where the installation is only temporary, a gantry crane can be moved to a new location easier than an overhead crane and its runway can easily be changed.

Whiting takes special care in outdoor gantry applications to ensure exceptional stability when it comes to wind forces, dead weight, and other stress factors.

Gantry Crane Examples

Dam Gate Handling Crane

Semi-Gantry CranePaper Crane

Outdoor Maintenance Gantry for Power Plants