Heavy Duty Smart Overhead Crane

Whiting Corporation’s new Heavy Duty Smart Overhead Crane utilizes the most advanced technology combined with years of industry expert engineering.

Designed to maximize efficiency and reliability in demanding applications, these cranes are also built with intelligent operating and monitoring systems for longevity and improved uptime. Businesses have complete confidence with the Whiting Corp Heavy Duty Smart Overhead Crane that they are getting the maximum total cost of ownership from their investment. State of the art safety features and serviceability details ensure operator ease of use and peace of mind.

  • Enterprise based system and uptime monitoring
  • Ideal for high-cycle production use, Classes E and F
  • Supports high capacity applications up to 100 ton and beyond
  • Hosting and traversing speeds that meet the demands of your application
  • Redundant variable controls, motors, and systems
  • Application specific functionality including high temperature, harsh environment, etc
  • Other available features include rotating hoist deck, service and cross-over walks, fully compensating bogie trucks, integrated lifting beams, advanced safety features, and many more

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