Let Our Experts Help You Lift Safely

Whiting Nuclear’s award-winning rigging services are now available to help you plan and execute technical lifts with a high degree of safety.
Our Master Rigger is certified by the Industrial Training International.

Whiting’s Master Rigger Services Include

  • Planning and executing the safe movement of loads
  • Developing written rigging plans
  • Performing general rigging and center of gravity calculations
  • Directing signal persons and journeyman riggers
  • Providing critical safety direction to all personnel during a lifting event
  • Selecting rigging systems to minimize risk
master rigging

Master Rigger is Knowledgeable with the Equipment + Processes

  • Mobile and overhead cranes
  • Multiple crane lifts
  • Chain falls
  • Rigging hardware and attachments
  • Winches and load blocks
  • Jacks
  • Rigging selection
  • Incline planes
  • Jacking and rolling
  • Load distribution
  • Lifting angles
  • Load control
  • Load turning