Many plants have gone through Extended Power Uprates (EPU) or have performed upgrades on the following individual components:

  • Reactor Head (As Part of an Integral Head Package)
  • Turbine Rotors
  • Generators

Most uprates require the need for additional lifting capacity.  Since Whiting is the original equipment manufacturer for most of the critical lift cranes within the plant, Whiting can help to increase the capacity of your critical lift crane.  The OEM, simply put, is the best one who can do this job effectively as they have the entire engineering design and build record of the crane.

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Minor Capacity Increases (<25%)

Many times, a minor capacity increase simply requires an engineering evaluation of the crane at the desired new increased capacity.  Upon successful completion of the upgrade, a load test is performed to prove the crane can be commissioned for the new increased capacity. In addition, a new rated load capacity plate is provided.

Major Capacity Increases (>25%)

An extensive engineering evaluation of the crane is performed. Based on this evaluation selected components are replaced to provide the additional capacity.  Should the components being replaced include motors this is a good time to look at a controls upgrade to place state of the art controls with the motor.  Upon successful completion of the component change out, a load test is performed and the capacity plate on the crane is changed.