What Does it Mean to “Modernize” your Crane?

Many overhead cranes have been in service for longer than their original intended design life, or have been used at a higher duty cycle than intended. Does this sound a little too familiar? If so, chances are that your crane is actually costing you money – in efficiency, in safety, in functionality, and in downtime. When one of these situations occurs in your plant, you have choices; ignore the problem until the crane fails (not safe), replace the entire crane (costly & timely), or modernize the crane. Crane modernization can prolong the useful service life, make it safer to operate, and provide increased efficiency.

Modernization takes on many forms, but essentially it involves altering or making an enhancement to the original design of the equipment. These changes could be mechanical, electrical or structural in nature. Examples include, a controls upgrade, an increase in duty cycle or lifting capacity, addition of safety features, automating the movement of the crane, zone detecting, operating methods, etc. A modernization is typically more cost effective than replacement of the entire crane and delivers most of the same great advantages while extending useful life for capital depreciation.

View the full white paper here: Modernize Your Outdated Crane

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